Below is a table of message choice IDs returned to the mms_choice_selected_callback function.

1 = Whitelist
2 = Opt-in   Recovery
3 = Alt Ad
4 = Publisher   Custom   Choice   (iFrame)
5 = Publisher   Custom   Choice   Redirect
6 = Continue   With   Adblocker
7 = Alt Pay (requires separate agreement)
9 = Custom Javascript (requires Sourcepoint approval)
10 = Welect Video (requires separate agreement)
11 = Accept All Vendor Consent
12 = Show Privacy Manager
13 = Reject All Vendor Consent
14 = Samba Video (requires separate agreement)

The mms_choice_selected_callback receives the ID of the call to action a user takes when they are presented with a message. It can be used to send data to external sources, trigger additional page events or track user interaction for additional messages.

window._sp_.config.mms_choice_selected_callback= function (choiceID){ 
    console.log( "Choice: id=" + choiceID);
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