The Sourcepoint Consent framework consists of a JavaScript API that allows you to retrieve third-party information, store the user's decision about a particular third-party vendor, and share the information with authorized third-party vendors. It also consists of a user interface where you can easily add, remove and change vendors, vendor categories (also referred to as vendor purposes) and opt-in and opt-out strategies. This is what is known as a vendor list.

The vendor list offers clarity  as to which vendors have been authorized by the publisher as well as those that have  received consent from their users. At the heart of the framework is a central registry called the Global Vendor List.

This registry includes all registered and authorized third-party vendors who can be assigned by publishers to process user data, access users' devices, and use the data stored on those devices for specific purposes. The framework also simplifies the management of Consent Management Provider (CMP) signals for participating organizations that meet applicable criteria.

Step 1 Create A New Vendor List

The Vendor List can be accessed under the Consent menu option in the user interface’s main navigation bar. For accounts that do not have the Sourcepoint vendor scan feature activated, click on either the "New" or "Get Started" button. If you want to learn more about the scan feature, please contact your account manager.

Accounts that have the vendor scan feature enabled can choose to either have Sourcepoint scan their site for eligible vendors or click on "Get Vendor Scan Results", which will import the results of the most recent scan.

Give your vendor list a name. You can use any naming convention you like. This will be helpful for accounts that have multiple vendor lists and privacy managers and will minimize confusion if you need to go back at any point and make changes to that particular list. 

The consent scope refers to whether or not the user's consent preferences will be shared across just one site, a defined group of sites, or any site participating in the IAB Consent Framework. Select the appropriate setting for your strategy from the "Consent scope" dropdown menu. Each of the three options is defined below:

  1. Single Site - Consent will only be set for the site a user has consented on.
  2. Shared - Consent will be shared across a defined group of sites within your account.
  3. Global  - Utilizes consent through the IAB framework, setting all consent globally through their network of sites.

Step 3 Select Sites  

Before a vendor list can be assigned to a site, the site must be assigned to that vendor list. To assign a site to a vendor list, click in the text field next to "Site(s) this list applies to". A list of eligible sites will appear. Select the sites for which you want the vendor list to apply. 

Step 4 Assign Vendors to The Vendor List

To manually add vendors to the list, click on the "+Add Vendors" button. Start typing the name of the vendors you are looking for. When you find the vendor, click on it to add it to your list. Once you have added all your vendors click on the "+Add Vendors" button to close the window and "Save" you vendor list.

When you view the list of vendors, vendors who are members of IAB Consent Framework will have an asterisk next to their names. Vendors that are not part of the IAB Consent Framework will not have an asterisk next to their names. If you do not see the vendor in the dropdown menu, please contact your Sourcepoint account manager to have the vendor added to the system. 

Step 5 Activate the Vendor List

Before you can attach your vendor list to a Privacy Manager, you must first activate the vendor list by clicking on the grey "Vendor List is inactive" button to toggle the option to a green "Vendor list is active". The vendor list is now ready to be attached to a Privacy Manager.

Other Options

  • Write 1st Party Cookies To Root Domain - this option will write the consent data to the root domain of the site (./ This feature is useful for sites that utilize subdomains so that the data is shared across all subdomains.
  • Add all IAB Vendors - This option will add all the vendors from the IAB vendors list to your vendor list.
  • Auto add new vendors - We’ll find new vendors that get added to your site and add them to your vendor list.

Please Note: Vendor List changes are live with immediate effect 

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