The Sourcepoint CMP allows sites to show the privacy manager to site visitors by clicking on a link on the site. Visitors can then manage their consent preferences on an ongoing basis without having to encounter a new Sourcepoint message.

Step 1 Navigate to The Privacy Manager
Click on the "Privacy Manager" tab and select the privacy manager that you want to show to visitors of the site and click on the privacy manager.

Step 2 Open The Get JS Code Window
Click on the get JS Code button to open the window where the necessary JavaScript function can be accessed.

Step 3 Determine Privacy Manager Format
The privacy manager can be opened as a modal on the page or inserted as an iframe as a child of an element on the page. The default option is to open the privacy manager as a modal popup.

If you want to insert it as an iframe that is a child element of another element on the page, you will need to select the element by entering the unique class or id the element in the "Query Selector for attaching the iframe" field. If no query selector is chosen then the privacy will be added as a child of the body tag by default. 

Step 4 Choose The Site Domain from The Dropdown Menu
Select The domain of the site where you would like the privacy manager to appear.

Please note that the site id will change as you select different domains to display. The site id needs to align with the proper site in order to properly reflect data in reporting. 

Step 5 Copy The Code
The JavaScript function to display the privacy manager will now be available in textfield under, "Click to copy this code. Put into an event handler (onclick, etc.) for a control on the page." Click on the textfield and the code will be copied to the clipboard.

Step 6 Implement The Code on The Page
Most implementations involve attaching our function to the onclick event of an page element. The example below attaches the code to display a modal to the onclick event of an anchor tag.

<a href="#" onclick="window._sp_.privacyManager.loadPrivacyManagerModal(2184, '5b15b4051046a016f768fcd0')">Manage Consent</a>

If you have any additional questions about displaying the privacy manager outside of a message, please contact your Sourcepoint Account Manager.

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