Once you have set up your Tealium tag management system to prevent tags from firing prior to consent, you then can set up calls to fire Tealium containers using their utag.link API for tracking events after the page has loaded by using the tag ID you want to fire. Visit https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/iQ-Tag-Management/Load-Rules/ta-p/5098 to learn more about setting up load rules with Tealium.

The format for firing a Tealium tag container is below. The data object and callback parameters are optional. The data object will send any relevant data to the Tealium platform, and the callback parameter is a callback function that will execute after the tag has been fired. 

utag.link(data_object, callback, [uid_array]);

Enter the code to fire the custom Tealium event into the consent actions of for the vendor inside the Sourcepoint UI by clicking on the vendor in the vendor list and bringing up the consent and reject actions. Then enter the utag.link code necessary to fire the corresponding vendor's tag. The example in the screenshot below fires the Tealium tag ID 7 which corresponds to a Tealium event called "gdpr_vendor1" and writes "tag fired" to the browser's developer console window.

For more information on using the Tealium utag.ink API, please visit the article below on the Tealium community support site.


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