Sometimes it is helpful to retrieve the configuration parameters in the console to make sure the you have the configuration setup properly. 

An easy way to do this is to enter in the command below into the developer console.


If you expand the object that is returned you should see something like the parameters below listed. Two important items are the accountId and the msg: domain. 

  1. accountId: 22
  2. bootstrap: {contentControlCallback: ƒ}
  3. cmd: (2) [ƒ, ƒ, push: (...)]
  4. events: {onDetectionComplete: ƒ}
  5. hasBeenRead: true
  6. has_been_read: true
  7. msg:
  8. domain: ""
  9. __proto__: Object
  10. rid: {contentControlCallback: ƒ}
  11. __proto__: Object

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