For an introduction to Partition Sets, see "Setting Up Partition Sets And Partitions"

How to Create A New Partition Set in a Property Group

Step 1
From the "Dialogue" menu select the Property Group for which you want to create the partition set and click on the "Partition Sets" link.

Step 2
Click on the "New" button, and give your partition set a name.

Step 3
Click on the pencil icon to edit the partition set you just created, and then click on "+Add Partition" button you will see fields like the ones below.

Step 4
Give the partition a name. The name should be descriptive enough to understand what experience the users are going to get.

Step 5
Now enter in the bucket ranges for users to whom you want to deliver this experience. Each user that visits a page with the Sourcepoint messaging library running on it gets assigned a random value from 0 to 999

For example, if you want to deliver the first half of bucketed users experience A enter 0 into the "Bucket Start" and 499 into "Bucket End."

Step 6
Attach the right scenario by selecting it from the dropdown menu under "Scenario." Once you are finished, click "Save." 

Step 7
If you want to add more partitions click on the "+Add Partition" and repeat the process.

How to Import A Partition Set to a Property Group

The Sourcepoint platform allows you to import a previously created partition set from another property. This features saves you the time of having to recreate partitions previously created in another property.

Step 1
Click on the "Import" button and you will see the import wizard in the screenshot below.

Step 2
Choose the property from which you want to import the partition set from the dropdown menu under "SELECT THE PROPERTY."

Step 3
Choose the partition set you want to import using the dropdown menu under "SELECT THE PARTITION SET TO IMPORT."

Step 4
Once everything is selected, click on the "Import Partition Set" button and the partition set will be replicated in the property. 

Note: there is no option to "Copy with Scenarios" or "Copy with Messages" when you import within a Property Group like you can within an individual property Partition. 

If you have any additional questions about partition sets, please contact your Sourcepoint account manager.

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