Q: How will the Sourcepoint solution impact my page load?
The Sourcepoint CMP library can be loaded either synchronously or asynchronously. The library is ~65-70Kb when as a gzip file on your web server or CDN. If it is loaded synchronously then the page will wait until the has finished downloading before rendering. If it is loaded asynchronously the script will load independently.
Since the script itself is loaded from your web server and CDN the load times would be comparable for loading a ~65-70kb file from your infrastructure.

Q: Why does Sourcepoint use a CNAME?
Sourcepoint uses a CNAME for communicating with our messaging server to provide each of our clients with an independent communication channel. This prevents actions that may be taken content blockers against one web site from affecting other web sites.

Q: Does the CNAME have to be a subdomain?
The CNAME does not have to be a subdomain. It can be a third party domain. It just needs to be pointed to our servers at message.sp-prod.net.

Q: Can I use the same CNAME for multiple sites?
Yes, the solution allows you to use the same CNAME for the sites on different domains.

Q: How does a site get SSL/HTTPS traffic support for the CNAME?
Once the site has setup the CNAME domain and pointed to the Sourcepoint messaging server at message.sp-prod.net please notify your Sourcepoint account team. They will then setup the necessary SSL support and get the certificate in place.

Q: Does Sourcepoint provide the ability to download updates to the Sourcepoint library?
Yes, Sourcepoint provides an API endpoint to download the latest version of the CMP library. An example of a curl command that can be used is below. If desired, the web site can download the library at regular intervals (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). 

$ curl -H  "Authorization: Token INSERT API TOKEN HERE" "https://api.sourcepoint.com/script/msg_without_detection"

The request requires an authorization token that your Sourcepoint account team will provide

Q: On web, which browsers do you support?  

Sourcepoint supports all major browsers. For Internet Explorer, Sourcepoint supports versions of IE11 and above.

Q: Does your CMP work on Javascript enabled web pages?
Yes, the Sourcepoint solution works on Javascript enabled web pages on both desktop and mobile devices. Please see the attached implementation guide for additional information.

Q: When managing multiple sites, is there unique javascript for each site, or is there a universal tag that is applied to all sites?
The JavaScript library is the same for all sites, and all sites can use the same account ID.

Q: How does the CMP store consent data?
Sourcepoint's CMP uses cookies stored on the IAB Europe central consensu.org domain and the client's first-party domain. Sourcepoint also maintains a consent record in its database for auditing purposes.

Q: How are multiple languages and notices handled?
The Sourcepoint CMP solution has a sophisticated set of targeting tools, among which is a geolocation feature that determines the country of a user according to their IP address. The CMP also supports the creation of messages in different languages. The combination of these features guarantees that the most appropriate language is being presented to the user.

Additional targeting features allow Sourcepoint to present messages to users using key-value pairs, search and social referrals, previous actions taken and ad-block status, all of which can be used to deliver the optimal message and user experience.

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