Sourcepoint provides an API to delete a user's consent record from it's data storage to satisfy the user's right to be forgotten. 

The format of the URL is${actualConsentUUID}

In the URL, the :siteID would get replaced by the siteId for which you want to delete the user’s data. This can be retrieved from the Sourcepoint UI by going to the site from which you want to delete the data (see screenshot). In the screenshot below the highlighted integer of 2198 is the site ID for

The ${actualConsentUUID} would get replaced by the user's consentUUID which can be retrieved from the user's first-party cookie value for consentUUID.

Executing the URL
You can test the URL using an API tool such as Postman and perform a cookie-less API DELETE using the URL

For example, using Postman if you send a delete for the url below without sending cookies it will delete user information for the user with the UUID of 61aa48a8-bd32-463c-bb5c-d3f53419dbd1 related to site ID of 123. 

You can also perform DELETE request programmatically the same URL to
delete the user.

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